Steampunk Robots


(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

I just ran across this awesome seller on Etsy. From his bio:

I was born in Gallup New Mexico August 31, 1959. I was given some plastiline type clay (oil based clay) when I was very young around two or three years of age and found that my God had bestowed on me a talent even at this every age.

Well, that talent comes with some awesome taste! For you steampunk fans out there, you’ll be delighted at the price of these robots too…just $45 to $70! They’re made from chrome and other various metals, some of which is reclaimed. Nerd points go to this guy for spending his time and efforts making robots we can all fall in love with! More robots after the jump.




If you can’t get enough of these cute little Steampunk Robots, be sure to visit the Etsy shop: Punkbots and see what else this artist has been up to.

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