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What would you get if you put Star Wars and a few action adventure shows of the 80’s in a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer? Well, something that might not be entirely drinkable but yet all together, head exploding awesome and nutritious. What the hell am I babbling about? OK, lets say we take some clips from Star Wars, cut them together and play the theme song from the TV show MacGyver over it. Take a moment to think about what I just said. Has your head exploded yet? No? Well go ahead and check out the first video below and be prepared to clap your hands like a retard because thats exactly what some glorious bastards did. If McGuyver isn’t your fancy well then how about Dallas or Airwolf or perhaps the A-Team? (videos after the jump) I gurantee it will make you one happy nerd.

Let us tip our hats off to the unknown nerd from Star Wars the Old Republic fan site for a job well done. Thank you good sir, thank you! Now hurry up and get crack-a-lackin with the Star Wars Dukes of Hazards and Golden Girls mashups.

Macgyver opening

Dallas opening

Airwolf opening

A-Team opening

Is it sad that I want to see all these hypothetical programs? Nah. Seriously, fuck George Lucas and his future live action Star Wars televisions series about the background characters that nobody gives a shit about (talking to you Yarna d’al’ Gargan). I’ll take A-Team with Han, Chewy, Luke, and C-3PO any day.

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