A Whole Slew Of Toys For You To Drool

In this installment of New Awesome Toy Corner (I made that up), we have just got a delicious new shipment of up and comers for us (and you) toy connoisseurs. Some aren’t available yet, but grab them when they are. For example The Ninja Gaiden Statue pictured above is 299.99 so buy with caution, and play with them anyways!!! Check’em out!!!

Disney Donald and Goofy Kubrick Set (April 2010)

As creepy as Kubrick and cool for toy collectors AND movie buffs. There is also a set with Micky and Minnie.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Doll 199.99

Johnny Depp channeling, well, EVERY character he’s played of the decade. It’s time for them to rape your wallet AGAIN for this articulated figure

Hellboy Golden Army Soldier W/ Hellboy

Indestructible, and would be even cooler if they were transformers. Like, could go from their dormant egg state to battle ready!

Avatar AMP Suit AKA The Iron Lady

If you have the old Loader from the Alien Playset, you can make these 2 battle it out for pure “Cool Dominance”

Star Wars Darth Vader Pink Helmet Replica

I honestly have NO idea what this is for…This (Hypothesis) I believe is totally for people who want to go out on Halloween as Darth Gayder

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