Alien VS Predator Demo Release

(Look at these tasty pics! The Alien VS Predator game isn’t far off and the news is good.)

They have tried and failed well…with EVERY endeavor, Alien VS Predator has been a struggling franchise since the beginning of its conception into the video game world. As the history of it goes (I was an AVP purist from Aliens and Predator 2) before they made any video games they had the series as a book set. The first in the set were AVP:Prey and Hunter’s Planet, both great books. The video games however all bit it HARD save one (The Alien VS Predator Arcade game which never translated over to systems), from the Super Nintendo version where you are a short and stubby midget- lookin’  Predator (I still own it). So I can only guess the reason people are getting pumped about this new version is Xbox360’s savor graphics and game play. The demo date has been released for your testing pleasure:(via Destructoid)

The info comes via an Xbox LIVE Spotlight ad which advertised the demo for a Thursday, February 4 release

There was an attempt similar to this in the mid 90’s for the Atari Jaguar, which was a mega Wolfenstein Ripoff (pictured). So hopefully the demo gives us a good idea of the greatness to come. So far all the screenshots have been clean and beautiful. I can’t wait for the download.

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