Get In The Zone, The Sega Zone.

162356-forgodssakeOh Sega, why do you toy with my feelings for years with Shadow and other dumb side characters that was never needed, and just when I thought you were going to redeem yourselves with Project Needlemouse and releasing Yakuza 3 in the states, you pull this off. It seems the lucky people in Europe will get the Sega branded Zone Wireless Gaming Console, which is a Plug-In and Play “console.” Not only will there be 20 playable Sega games, probably from the Genesis era, there will be 30 other games and some will utilize motion control, such as Darts.. I don’t see why anyone would want this, the Sonic Ultimate Genesis collection has twice as much Genesis and Master System games than this for a good price of $20. Also, my local drug store has the original Zone, and its a bad looking Wii knockoff for $40. I f there is one good thing about this, at least you get to play a good Sonic game on it.

Source: Destructoid

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