What The Deuce? Watchmen 2: Electric Boogaloo?

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Jackass, Dan DiDio who is the SVP-Executive Editor of DC Comics is apparently on a mission to realize not only a sequel series but also several prequels to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen comic. Say what? Ya, the fucker wants to udderly milk (see what I did there?) the hell out of DC’s highest regarded graphic novel. Rich Johnston at bleeding cool has the the full story and has some good sources who apparently can back up the speculation that DiDio is sounding out people who might be willing to take on the task.

Now this DiDio douchbag is a not a dumb business man (Fucking Suits) because he knows despite a fan petition to shit on such a concept us nerds will buy anything and sales for new Watchmen would be beyond massive. For you none Watchmen purists out there we should address why this practically the sign of the apocalypse. There has been no sequel, no prequel, character spin off or anything else remotely connected to the Watchmen universe (except for that Watchmen: The End is Nigh video game) because there is no need for it. It be like coming out with a sequel to the bible and other than god writing it himself it would be blasphemy. Such as the case with a potential sequel/prequel to Watchmen. Unless Alan Moore himself put his hands on, which he won’t, a Watchmen continuation would be the equivalent of getting face raped. DiDio is praying that some young, up and coming writer might bite at the concept because he knows sure as shit that no veteran writer would dare tackle Alan Moores pride and glory. Even if Alan Moore were to surprise us and come out to play with new Watchmen material it just shouldn’t be done. Ya, its fun to speculate on ‘What if?” but Watchmen is a stand alone piece that just dare not be fucked with. Dan Didio and other capitalist butt holes like him need to just leave well enough alone.

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