Hello Kitty Chainsaw: Let’s Get CREEPY.


While perusing the internet, trying to find anything that might amuse me I found this! It’s quite a sight, you’ll be saying goodbye to your old chainsaw and saying Hello Kitty to this creepy ass chainsaw. I know that was terrible, if you want to bludgeon  me to death email me for my address. But back to this scary piece of machinery. Just imagine your little princess wielding a pretty, pink, item that could tear your face off. If you happen to be on the fence about whether or not it’s appropriate for a girl under the age of 12 to own a chainsaw, I say “why the hell not?”. It’s never to late to take an active role in making sure that little angel of yours is  prepared for a zombie apocolypse. Wait a second… I know that the Hello Kitty line has extended pretty far out there in marketing. But i have a feeling that this is a warning. Is Hello Kitty preparing a line of defense against a zombie attack by making adorable chainsaws accesible and practical for little girls’ use. All joking aside, but seriously start your preparations for survival in a zombie riddled world, the fact is that this is creepy shit. Why Hello Kitty thought this was practical is beyond me, but it is badass.

Source: kittyhell

Category: Nerd Culture