What If Wes Anderson Directed Spiderman?

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OCDish neat set design, shot composition, symmetry, over all 70’s style and quirky dialogue make for a Wes Anderson movie. Would these same elements make for a good Spiderman movie? Probably not but that didn’t stop fan film maker Jeff Loveness from such an attempt and damn if he didn’t deliver a well done, spot on parody.

The art/costume/set designs were really dead on to the WA-verses. The acting was a bit choppy but what do you expect from a fan flick? Although, lets give the dude who did an Owen Wilson impression a round of applause, that was really accurate. Also, would have preferred if the filmmakers could have communicated Anderson’s style without having actual characters from ‘Rushmore’ and ‘Tennenbaums. Regardless I think we can all agree that this was and would have been, should it have been a full feature, a hell of a lot better than Spiderman 3.

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