readerAfter disappointing many people since its announcement, leave it to the Apps that could determined if the iPad will sell or not. I’m not sure if this can replace the Kindle and other digital readers but Panelfly’s comic viewer app does look good on the big screen. Panelfly did release an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch but they are making a whole new app just so thet it can take advantage of what iPad can provide, and judging from the pictures, I say they are heading to the right direction and I wouldn’t mind trying this app out if I got the chance. I have tried out the comic viewer on the PSP and I thought it was neat, but if I was able to do it on a nice big screen, I think I would fall in love immediately with it. Check after the break to view more images of Panelfly’s cool app. You know, the more I think about it, the more it seems that the iPad gives you the comfort to read anything digital while your on the toilet.




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