Anna Torv, plays Agent Olivia Dunhamt  on the hit show Fringe, and has done for Esquire Magazine what makes use all Nerd BASTARDS….Dropped her laundry. Very tastefully of course, Jennifer Aniston did one of the mags best selling topless pictorials. Fringe, in case you don’t know it very well is summarized by IMDB:

The FBI teams up with a formerly-institutionalized scientist – who was performing experiments on the fringe of real science – and his son to investigate weird crimes that are seemingly part of a larger pattern, and may be connected with a global company called massive Dynamics.

So that covers that for Australian born Anna Torv, to continue on with a popular show which is number two in a series of triple whammies for us NerdBastards. The show is also created by JJ Abrams. Whoa!!! Ok, so 1, we have a topless pictorial, and 2, the was written by JJ Abrams??? What else?

This gives Ms. Torv the greatest geek cred of all. Number 3. She played Nariko in Heavenly Sword for PS3, one of the ONLY amazing games the PS3 didn’t share as a multi platformer.I’ve also included a sexy pic of Nariko under the post. So Lets get to IT!!!  These pictures are ver eloquent and gorgeous, I will also will include her “Words of Wisdom for your reading leisure. (Via Esquire)










When a pretty girl talks, a lot of guys aren’t listening…Most of its nonsensical-Problem is, there were no questions to incur these random opinions of Anna Torv: (Esquire)

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