*Open mirror* *Close Mirror* “OH SHIT”

mirror scare

Howdy kids, I know that there are some serious thriller/horror/slasher movie buffs out there, as well as those of you who aren’t that involved in scary movies. But regardless of where you fall in line as a scary movie fan, I know you know the “Ol Mirror Scare”. Where someone gazes at them self in there mirror, opens it in order to move some stuff around, maybe even take something out, and when they go to close it something shocking or scary is now being reflected in the mirror. A compilation video has been made in order to, I’m just guessing here, show us exactly how cheesy and overused this trick is. Suprise, suprise.. This video exploits the overuse of the Ol Mirror Scare in horror films and gives us a concentrated view of the good, the bad, and the ugly. WOW, that reference was totally accidental. It just came out i couldn’t help it. There was no way 2 foresee…. *notices that the number “2” has been used instead of the correct form “too”. Determined to correct this error, takes eyes off screen to view keyboard’s layout. Looks back up to see where the vertical blinking line is and…..* “HOLY SHIT.. NO!!!!!!”. I just accidentally deleted all my porn. All meaning to life just fleeted my soul. Well while your watching this I’m going to go fashion a noose. ENJOY =]

Source: Geektyrant

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