These Bears Are Full Of Cute And Awesome

captain-500x375Judge me all you want, but I can’t help it if I see something so awesome and cute at the same time and over at King Panpan, you will find a bunch more of these as I can’t help myself but love these. The artist, Julius Santiago, will give us an awesome bear each day of this year and we get the fun to guess what the reference the bear is based from. After the jump, check out some of the other bears and see if you can figure what they are a reference from.

heman-500x375henchman-500x375ewok-500x375These are just a few as Santiago started from the first day of this year and will keep going till the end of this year, so check it out daily or whenever to see whats been posted because I know I will.

Source: Comics Alliance, King Panpan

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