The World’s Most Valuable Comic Book

I’m a NerdBastard. I want a Spiderman Number 1. I want a REAL lightsabre. I want complete dominion over every creature of this earth using telepathic powers. But I’m a humble poor boy, who just likes himself some D&D, so the Spidey has to wait. .. I guess the rich who have so much money they can buy useless shit whenever and however they want are more inclined throw their money around. (Via Luxist)

A rare copy of the first Batman comic book has surpassed the previous comic book record price, $317,000, paid for a first Superman comic by John Dolmayan, drummer for the rock band System of a Down last year. The bidding at Heritage Auctions for a comic that marks the first appearance of Batman has already reached a total of $418,250 including buyer’s premium and the auction is still two weeks way. Heritage Auctions will be selling the Detective Comics #27, cover date of May 1939 on February 25. The comic is one of the finest known surviving copies of the issue and is being sold on behalf of an anonymous consignor who purchased it for $100 more than 40 years ago.

I’m a fan of System of a Down as well, so to think that John Dolmayan  has a Superman #1 makes him even cooler to me now. A metal band, that also is a comic enthusiast? Badass. But that is SO MUCH MONEY! And for a comic book? That’s over a quarter of a million dollars for something he can’t touch! It’s like the declaration of independence, it’ll have to be in a climate controlled NO TOUCHY display case.

I actually own the first appearance of Carnage comic, the series, to be accurate. It isn’t a replica or a re-release, it is the REAL THING, and do you know how much it’s worth? NOTHING! Looks like I have 40 years to wait….

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