Get Your Speed On In The Sonic Hotel Room

SONIC-ROOM-1-RINGSDid you ever wonder if Sonic was just as fast in bed as he was running, no, I guess it’s only me. Anyways, couple weeks there was reports on Sonic’s first themed roller coaster ride, well this past weekend, the roller coaster ride and hotel room opened up to the public at Alton Towers. The gals over at Girl Gamers UK got invited to the opening and shared their experience online, with some pics to show as well. Click after the jump to check out the pics of the room.SONIC-ROOM-3-BED



The room also has a Wii, 360, and PS3 in there to play for the customers and the fact that when you open the door and the ring sound comes on is just cool. It just looks all awesome and as a Sonic Fanboy, I am jealous that this is only available in the UK but also glad to see that Sonic is getting some love despite his recent games. Also, the Sonic Spinball ride sounds like its fun and thats always a good thing to hear. Maybe this year will be the triumph return of the speedy blue hedgehog and fans will rejoice…or be disappointed like always. Thanks to GGUK for sharing their experience with us and go over to their website to read more about it and check out the other pictures.

Source: Girl Gamers UK

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