Nudy Cosplay Gone Wrong


This is not our Sexy Cosplay of The Week, (Done every Fri. afternoon BTW) far from it. However we felt the need to post this as a warning. If you are a fatty, butter face and or are disproportionate in some areas then perhaps bodypaint cosplay is not for you. FYI cosplay is when folks dress up as their favorite characters of pop culture either from movies, T.V., comics and so on. Case in point. The quartet of fugly in this display of nudy cosplay will do nothing short of make your genitals sad. We apologize for being harsh. It takes balls to put ones self out there like this. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. We’re not going to beat up on these girls anymore because that would just be mean but I don’t think any of us will ever look at The Phoenix, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Emma Frost the same again.

NSFW (not safe for work) image after the jump.

source: geekologie


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