The Return Of The Monday Night Wars

WWE-vs-TNA1-300x209Yes, that’s right folks, I watch wrestling and a huge wrestling nerd. RAW is the reason why I have not watch Heroes, and hearing from whats been happening to that show, maybe its a good thing. Well wrestling fans, mark your calendars if you want because starting March 8th, Spike is moving TNA Impact to Monday nights and will be going against WWE’s Raw at the same time. TNA has been trying to go big with the debut of Hogan and Bischoff at the beginning of this year. How TNA will handle with the Monday airings is that it’ll be a live episode first, then a tape episode the next week, then a live one again, taped, and so on.  TNA is hoping they will get a bigger audience and expand with this move. You guys thinks this is a good move for them? You think this will take TNA to the top to take down Raw and WWE?

Personally, I have not been a fan with Hogan in TNA. Ever since Hogan/Bischoff took over, TNA has done a lot of things differently, we got a lot more old/past wrestlers come in becuase they are Hogan’s buddies or Hogan likes them, they got rid of the 6 Sided ring and got a big ring that barely fits in the Impact Zone, and story lines have been going one way one week, and then the total opposite the next. To be honest, I watched TNA because it was on Thursday and there isn’t any other wrestling show airing the same time with it. I want them to prove me wrong, I want to love TNA but they keep doing things to anger me, and having the Nasty Boys (Yeah thats right, the Nasty Boys from early 90’s WWE) beating Team 3D (formerly the Dudley Boys) this past weekend at the PPV doesn’t help! Sorry for the rant there but thats just how much I give TNA a chance, they do one good thing out of the 4-5 things they do wrong, like if I was a wife getting abused by my husband but he brings flower the next day and its all forgiving.

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