Is Gaming A Waste Of Time?

video-games-realityMy life has been filled with video games, from Sonic the Hedgehog to Barney’s Hide and Seek  (Yeah, I played that during the Genesis’ hay day) to the Final Fantasies and Pokemon, I have spend many hours in playing video game. A video has recently surfaced on the internet, Brian, who talks in this video, is trying to send a message on how Video Games is a waste of time for our lives, check after the jump for the video.

Now in that video, Brian, a former World of Warcraft gamer, generalized video games is a waste of time…but that is only if you don’t use your time wisely. He brings up good points but it doesn’t direct to all gamers. To me, it sounded like he wanted to find something to blame other than himself of all the things that happen to him. I’ve had gaming sessions til 6 in the morning and then sleep for a bit and go to work, and make up the sleep later. In my soon to be 23 years of life, I have what he would consider a wasted life of video games. Hell, I know some WoW players that does have couple level 80 characters but also have a great social life, all you need is common sense and self-control.

At least in the end, he does see how gaming may be connecting people to go out and socialize at events, which has been true for me. Video games tend to be an ice breaker for me when I meet people, it most definitely helped in college and it still does now. I am friends with the most random of people because of gaming that most people wouldn’t assume I would be friends with. Maybe I’m making excuses for myself like how Brian is, but it’s just too much of a generalization that he is making. I’m not saying that what he says is not true, unfortunately some people are like that, but I would its a small percentage of people that are.

What do you guys think? You think Brian is right, has he opened your eyes and show you what you have been doing is truly a waste of time or do you have enough self-control to not let it take up your lives.

Source: Unreality Magazine

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