Welcome to Pandora, Wisconsin??


As everyone now knows James Cameron’s Avatar is a huge success. I must, myself, admit that i enjoyed it thoroughly, but I was not moved enough to delve deep inside myself and find my true Na’vi. But thank god for Wisconsin nerds right? Thanks to the L.A.R.P (Live Avatar Role Playing) I can watch them act foolish and try to be Na’vis. I can make snooty remarks about how they are at rock bottom and should not contribute to the human gene pool, and all the while secretly envy and even slightly obsess over their blue bodies covered in butter… WOAH… I mean football and bitches! *Sorry about that, I had to fortify myself to what I think will make me fit in…haha* Regardless of erotic fantasies, these guys just want to feel accepted. But they should do a better job with the whole “one with nature” thing. They totally rolled a tree with toilet paper and called it the “Tree of Souls”, that’s just a douche move. But hey, if it makes them happy then good for them. But why the hell is one of them turquoise? Enjoy!

*This is just a parody.. Everyone knows that Na’vi can’t live in Wiconsin*

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