swan.standalone.prod_affiliate.69Not gonna lie, I’ve had my case of Nerd Rage over a video game. I have punched walls, scream some made up profanity such as son of an ass f^(*!n’ cow, and almost broke my guitar hero controllers a number of times.  However, I have never had one where it would get me shot at, by a family member none less. The man above is James Swan and he was playing World of Warcraft and drinking at the same time. Apparently he was too loud so his mother asked him to quiet down so that the grandkids can sleep. Not listening to his mother, she went up to him and tap him in the shoulder and that caused his to go on a rampage. He threw his mother across the bed, in which she got to the kitchen and dial 911 but James tore the phone off and went on to head butt the hole where the phone was… that’s right folks, he head butted the phone where it used to be since thats how mad he was. He then choked her mom, where the grandfather saw what was happening, went to grab his gun. Seems like gramps only wanted to scare/calm James but the gun misfired Swan was wounded by his left ear.

This is pretty ridiculous but its not a laughing matter though (however, him head butting the wall where the phone used to be just makes me laugh for some reason), James should calm down and think what he while he is in the slammer. Seriously folks, as said on the other article, just have some common sense and self-control and video games will not lead to you get shot at. I say James should be force to watch the Mr. T’s “Treat Your Mother Right” video so that his 27 year old ass learn one thing right.

Source: Kotaku

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