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Nerds may be known for wearing lots of logo shirts (they’re free afterall), high waters, pocket protectors and generally UN-stylish wardrobes. But I’m sorry, there has been an evolution, no, Revolution in nerd style. A whole lot of bad-ass artisans have been busy in their workshops cranking out some pretty cool accessories for nerds. Here’s a few favorite picks for the Gamers in the crowd. (Pictured Above: Mario Brothers Cuff Links)


1. For the low price of just $7.49 you get a doubly nerdy little gem here. Not only is this a quality image of a Pac Man Ghost…but its on a SCRABBLE TILE! Yay for that. And what’s stopping you from indulging your inner Mr. T at that price? Go for it…have an Atari mash-up on your chest!


2. This one is NOT cheap, but then…its not cheap. This hand-milled titanium band engraved with “PVP” just screams nerdy sophistication. If you have to ask what “PVP” stands for, well, then you’ll likely not be shelling out the cash for this bad boy. But if you do, I’m pretty certain you’ll attract some hotties who know their way around a joystick.


3. Speaking of Joysticks…check out these little works of perfection! Just picture your iPod cable next to these awesome Atari Joystick Earrings. At the risk of being “crafty” this artist made these cute little controllers out of polymer and liquid polymer clay (chemistry props!), and who would know that the same stuff is used to make hippy dippy Phish parking lot crap-ola. Its refreshing to see science being used for good and not evil!


4. This Space Invaders Bangle made from Resin would go so well with some checkered Vans (which you know you saved from the 80s) and a Big Gulp. Just picture yourself at the 7-11 chillin’ against the soda machine while your man tries to beat your high score. You with your six pieces of Hubba Bubba, blowing giant bubbles and representing with your four or five Space Invader bangles. You’re so cutting edge.

believerShield5. So you’re back from  your Pacific Northwest hunt for Yeti and there are a whole lotta nay-sayers telling you to give up your quest for the lost creatures. Screw’em. Show off your in-your-face will to discover the secrets of the mythical beast with this Believer Shield“. Represent for your fellow believers with this Sterling Silver shield depicting Nessy, Big Foot and a Unicorn. Lumber through the woods in style!

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