Play As Snake & Others In Metal Gear Arcade

metal_gear_arcadeThe Metal Gear series, some people love it and some people hate it, but you gotta say, Metal Gear Solid 4 did have a nice end to the Solid series and hey, you have to love it when there’s a white monkey. Announced at last E3, Konami’s Metal Gear Arcade is getting some exposure and some talks around it. Based on the Metal Gear Online game, players can once again play as Snake and probably other characters but in a 3D environment. Not only are the goggles 3D, but also tracks your movement so that it gives you the feel that you are the character. To check out a quick video of Metal Gear Arcade after the break.

Although arcades are pretty much non-existent here in the States, the arcade scene is still around in Japan, though how long is always the question since there is some struggling over there in Japan as well. You think we’ll see Metal Gear Arcade come over to the states or will it be some thing that we won’t see at all other than videos of it. If the arcade is anything like the games though, it will be eating many of my quarters. What I really want is Kojima to release an arcade game where I can control a Metal Gear, that way all can fear me as a giant walking machine while going around and mooing like a cow.

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