Review: Sony’s The Tester Episode 1

147421-TesterPSN_logo_1440x810Sony released their new competitive reality show, The Tester, where one lucky gamer will become an official game tester for Sony Playstation and also receive a bonus $5000.  Sony will release a new episode every Thursday, via the Playstation Network, and it is free to download and watch. One would think with Hal Sparks as a regular panelist it would be a good show like many of VH1’s “I Love” series that he was in, well, check  after the jump to read what I thought and other stuff about the show.

Regular Judge for The Tester

Regular Judge for The Tester

So there is 11 Gamers who want to achieve their “dreams” of becoming a game tester and we were introduced to all of them, of course, by their gamer tags and yeah, already feel like I’m wasting my time. We get introduce our host and she explains to the gamers how they will go to the “Test Room” and be challenged to their first test. After introducing the judges and guest judge, the gamers were challenge to 90 seconds of…spot the differences…thats right, they weren’t tested by playing video games or anything, but by looking at two pictures and spot as much differences you can. In the end, two people immediately get eliminated and 23 minutes of my life has been used to watch this.


We do get a sneak peak of the upcoming episode and once again, we don’t see them play video games, instead roll around in large hamster balls which will show the gamers “communication” skills. I’m sorry but where is my video games? Where are the people facing off each other in order to compete, I understand that these challenges are skills that may be similar to video game skills but still, it just seems a waste of time.  Looks like Sony would like to humiliate these folks before they get to be a tester.

David Jaffe, my only hope to entertain me

David Jaffe, my only hope to entertain me

If theres any reason to watch episode 2, it would be because David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) will be the guest judge and the man isn’t afraid to speak his mind. If ya have the time and would like to waste it, check out the series if you have access to PSN, if not, I’m sure the internet can provide you ways to watch it.

Link: The Tester Official Website

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