He-man fans and nerds rejoice. Feast your eyes at the life-size, fully functional Masters of The Universe Landshark. The Landshark was one of the coolest vehicles in the He-Man and The Masters of The Universe toyline. A purple shark tank thats mouth would open and bite down on your unsuspecting action figures as you drove by. Also was a great way to torture your siblings and friends. Rev this thing up and slam it in their face while they were sleeping was as a guaranteed time out but totally worth the hilarity. That type of tom foolery might not work with this life size replica. Actually, it be pretty damn funny to charge this beast at your grown up friends or siblings and watch them run in terror (evil laugh). What’s interesting about this miracle vehicle is that its actually being restored which means it existed once before. From what I’m told it was used in promotion with the He-Man and Skeletor character tours at events held at Toy-R-Us and other locations. I’m so pissed I never saw this thing as kid, totally would have creamed my pants. It probably won’t be making any cross country tours this time around but I’m sure if you take a trip over to Las Vegas and visit the guys from Unique Movie Cars Las Vegas, whom are reasponsible for bringing this beast of a vehicle back to life, they will let you look at at and maybe let you sit on it and possibly even ride it (oh joy). Heres hoping they build other Vehicles from the He-man toyline, would so like to see a life size Dragon Walker.

source: toplessrobot

click after the jump for full size pics of both the lifesize replica and the original toy.


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