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2415979622_9bbfc32ee6Nintendo held a huge new conference today, known as the Nintendo Media Summit, and once again, your Sony Trophy Whore gamer is here to give you guys the convenience to read it all in one post. Check after the jump to see what new Wii and DS/DSi stuff is coming for the gamers in the next couple months.System News:

Nintendo  Dsi XL

dsi_xl_promo_01Nintendo started off giving out info on the release date of the large remodel of the DSi, which will be March 28th. US gamers will be able to get their hands on this $$189.99. The DSi Xl obvious new feature is the much larger screen, which Nintendo is aiming for the more elderly to enjoy while us young gamers will enjoy the nice bigger pixels.

Nintendo Wii Game News:

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super-Mario-Galaxy-2-E3-2009Probably one of the most anticipating sequel that Nintendo fans were waiting for and gamers can get their hands on in it May 28th. With Yoshi by your side and a new drill weapon, this looking up to be a great game for the Wii.

Metroid: Other M

metroid-other-m_03Being developed by Team Ninja (Dead of Alive, Ninja Gaiden), what will be a new take on Samus’ adventure will be released in the states on June 27th.

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

sin-and-punishment-2The on-rails shooter from the N64 is getting a sequel on the Wii and gamers will have the chance to play this on June 7th. Check out the first Sin and Punishment on Virtual Console as the original game never made it to the states during the 64 days.

Monster Hunter Tri

monster-hunter-triThe popular series that helped sell a CRAPTON of PSP’s in Japan and sold well in Japan, US fans will get their hands on this on April 20th, with a demo players can get on March 8th at Gamestop. Also, pre-order at Gamestop and get a 500 point Nintendo card. There will also be a $59.99 package of the game that comes with a Black Classic controller. The game will utilize the Wii Speak and will have FREE online play.

Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands


The Wii version of the game will be released on May 18th, which comes out around the same time as the upcoming Prince of Persia film. Announced that there will be 2 player co-op as well as the original PoP SNES game will be included.

Guilty Party

The last announced Wii game, which will be published by Disney. Says to be a mystery board game and plans for it to be release later this year.

Nintendo DS Game News:

Dragon Quest IX

dragon_quest_ixOne of the best selling games of last year in Japan, Square Enix’s latest Dragon Quest game is coming to the states. We’ll get more info on the game at E3 as all we know right now is that Nintendo of America will publish it here.

Picross 3d

picross3d1230Another game that some DS fans has been waiting to come over stateside is Picross 3D and just have to wait till May 3rd. Also announced that the game will have DLC for players to download more puzzles.

100 Classic Books

164842-DSC02884DS users will be able to read with their handheld device. Read classics from Mark Twain and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. You can get your reading on when it released on June 14th for $20, which is quite the steal for 100 books.


A DSi exclusive game, so sorry DS users, is ghost game in which the camera will be utilize for game play. Not much else was said about the game.

Downloadable  Game News:


Megaman-10-300x297March seems to an awesome month for WiiWare fans as they have announced 4 games. Starting off with Mega Man 10, which will be released on March 1st, has you immediately playing as both Mega Man and Proto Man and there will also be Easy mode for the gamers who though Mega Man 9 was tough. Next is Max and the Magic Marker, which is a platform game in which you draw to go on to the level, has a released date of March 8th. Cave Story, which has been an anticipating WiiWare action-adventure game now has the release date of March 22nd. Last to come out in March is WarioWare DIY,  which players can create there own WarioWare like games and be able to play them. Expect that on March 28th.


Photo Dojo seems to stand out as it will have players to use the DSi camera to create fighters for the game. Gamers will able record sound effects with the microphone and with the camera, take pictures for backgrounds. Sounds like an awesome fun game, no release date was announced.

Wow, that a lot Nintendo is releasing and its only for the first half of this year. One can only assume that at E3, Nintendo will have a big announcement (*cough* Zelda Game*cough) since already we will be getting the new Mario and Metroid game. So, all you Wii fans excited with the news or disappointed. Also, does this make some of you gamers to finally make the choice to buy a Wii. Either way, tell us what ya think.

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