McFarlane Wants Spawn 2 Flick

spawnAfter many years of being in it’s own hell, development hell that is, it seems like Spawn 2 is going through small steps to be made happen and looks like small is the keyword according to Todd McFarlane. After years of hearing pitches from other studios, he realized that the only way for it to happen is to do it himself, that is to write it and produce it himself. He wants the budget to be around $20 million, which would be have of the budget of the first one. He figure this way, he can do what he wants and have the dark and scary Spawn flick he has envision for years now. He has stated that many of the big studios have not said yes but a few small studios seems to be willing to help distribute the film,. but if that fails, McFarlane once again said he’ll do it himself, that way he’ll own the whole movie.

What do ya’ll think, do any of ya’ll want another Spawn flick or is it too late for anybody’s interest? I didn’t mind the first film, I enjoyed it and didn’t think too much of it. Then again, I’m not that greatly knowledgeable in the Spawn universe other than the movie, the animated series, and the Spawn: Armageddon video game(which is a pretty good game), to probably point out the differences that the film made to the comic. All I know is that John Leguizamo playing a little evil clown demon was more than enough of a reason to watch the first film… maybe for me that is.

Source: Newsarama

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