Nick Simmons, Plagiarist & Dumb Ass *UPDATE 2*


Wow, I come home from work to find this. It looks like someone has been looking at some BLEACH manga and decided to make a comic possibly using “similar” or as he put it, “full of homages to everyone in the medium.” That someone I am talking about is Nick Simmons, son of KISS Gene Simmons and apparently, his feelings are hurt because people are calling him out on his upcoming comic, Incarnate, being a rip off of BLEACH as far as character design and dialogue. Let’s look at some of pictures and see if you guys also agree if it’s plagiarized or not.



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Those are just some of many other comparisons people on the net have done and I gotta say, I think he has plagiarized. It just amazed me how he defends himself on a Facebook page that is against him saying how his comic is in color and BLEACH is in black & white is one reason why his comic is DIFFERENT…  the fact that he is WILLING to sue the people on that Facebook page, because his daddy said that its slander towards him, unless they properly apologize is probably enough to tell all people that he did copy.

I know no one likes to be called out a thief and people cherish their own ideas and comics, but all these pics, and his comments, which he says people are now photo shopping to make it look like he did steal, is not going to help.  Maybe I’m just over reacting because BLEACH is a series that I enjoy and to see this, I may be on some nerd rage but looking at images, its just hard no to believe that he didn’t copy it. It just seems like he will get his way because his dad is Gene Simmons, which I hope doesn’t happen because this isn’t right, really it isn’t. I gotta stop it here, it just angers me the more I think about it and I need to relax. What do you guys think? Am I over reacting or is he plagiarizing?

Update: It seems that the Nick Simmons that made those comments were from a Troll, nonetheless, I should have been more “professional” and have not let the nerd rage take over me. Still, it doesn’t change the fact about the images that shows the plagiarism. I will try to do more research on this and hopefully something between Shueisha, Viz, Tite Kubo and Nick Simmons.

Update 2: We got a statement from Radical, which publish Simmon’s Incarnate: We at Radical Publishing, Inc. and Radical Comics, Inc. are quite concerned to hear the news surrounding Nick Simmons’s Incarnate Comic Book. We are taking this matter seriously and making efforts now to contact the publishers of the works in question in an effort to resolve this matter.  We have halted further production and distribution of the “Incarnate” comic book and trade paperback until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.  Rest assured that Radical is taking swift action regarding this matter and will continue in its efforts to maintain the integrity and protect the intellectual property of artists throughout the world whose creative works are the bedrock of our Company and the comic book industry.

We also got a comment from Viz, who publishes the BLEACH manga here in the US, in which they told AnimeNewsNetwork: “We appreciate all our fans bringing this matter to our attention, and we are currently investigating this issue.”

As far as Kubo, the manga-ka of BLEACH, he seems to be amused with the fact that Gene Simmons kid is a comic book artist.

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