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I’ve written a book. I have published it. But I have never used this as a venue to advertise it even though I’m head writer and one of the OG’s of the site with our gorgeous roster. But what I can say is that I have terrible artistic skills. Scrapbooking, drawing, painting, sculpting, I’ve always lacked any kind of real finesse. With writing on the other hand, when not writing a basic article, I was always able to draw with my words… So this video absolutely astounds me and makes me feel like a tiny useless little man.

Bioshock 2 has been making the rounds, and the re visit back to Rapture felt like old home week. While I have some other things to say about the game, now is not the time or place, but playing as the original Big Daddy Delta, has its pro’s and con’s.

This artist, took an action figure and carved out Delta like a lumberjack…A lumberjack with NerdBastard-like superpowers. Watch in amazement.

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