When it comes to movie sword replicas us nerds have been privileged to get everything we’ve ever wanted. Conan’s barbarian sword. The dragon headed katana from Highlander. The Scottish claymore from Braveheart. Heck, we’ve even got every sword, dagger and pointy sharp pieces of metal from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. However, there is a sword that has alluded nerd kind for far too long. To which sword am I referring to? I’ll give you a hint. “Hello. My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare To Die”. Yep, that’s right bitches, coming this year, replica swords from one of the most quotable movies ever: The Princess Bride.

Here’s the quote from factory entertainment on the sword of Inigo Montoya (Oh Joy!!!):

“Few swords have the mystique and appeal of the beautiful rapier wielded by Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. As The Man in Black so succinctly puts it when shown the sword “” I have never seen its equal.”

Featuring a swept basked style hilt and gold over brass with gemstones and ‘tableux’ engraved decoration, the ‘renasissance’ style rapier also features a mock ivory handle and gold pommel.

Thanks to the kind folks at Princess Bride. Ltd. we were give unrestricted access to the Princess Bride archives. We were lucky enough to find the original Inigo Montoya sword used to dispatch Count Rugen, the six fingered man, in the films epic climatic duel scenes and only known remaining Inigo sword prop in existence. Every aspect of the original prop has been carefully examined and measured and studied to ensure maximum authenticity and accuracy in the replica which will be a strictly numbered limited edition.”

All I can say is, it’s about damn time. No nerd sword collection would be complete without the addition of Inigo Montoya and The Dread Pirates Roberts (also to be released) rapiers. Currently the factory entertaiment site does not have any pricing details or information on release. We will keep you posted.

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