1259314200_cod68So after what was dubbed “ApocalyPS3” where all Original/Phat PS3 were not working because the internal clock thought it was February 29th and now with the problem all solved, it seems like the videogame world can’t rest as something else has happened. Apparently, a bunch of security showed up in the office of Infinity Ward, the developers that brought us Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2, and scared a bunch of the workers as they had no idea what was going on. Vince Zampella & Jason West, the two top heads of Infinity Ward, has been missing since they left for a meeting with Activision this morning.  A lot of people don’t know what to say about this as there is not much info around. There is speculation that this could be a stunt to get people not to focus on tomorrow’s release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and have gamers pay attention to the upcoming DLC for Modern Warfare 2. Hopefully nothing really bad did or does happen or this week will indeed be a weird week of video games.

Update: Looks like we got an update and that Jason West, one of the the founding members of Infinity Ward, has parted ways with the company. There has been word that there is tension between Activision and Infinity Ward and this may be the result of it. No word on Vince Zampella at the moment.

Update 2: It seems that Activision filed an SEC, citing “breaches into contracts and insubordination by two senior employees at Infinity Ward.” As to what was breached, has not been said but this isn’t the first time Activision took a developing team to court, as one would remember they tried to sue Tim Schafer’s (Psychonauts, Brutal Legend) Double Fine for going to EA after Activision dropped them in ditch and believed that Brutal Legend wasn’t going to sell. While it’s not confirmed, Vince Zampella may be the second person mention in the SEC but has not been confirmed. One can only wonder if this will affect  the future of  the Modern Warfare franchise seeing how Activision’s favorite thing to do is milk a franchise to death, like Guitar Hero.

Update 3: It has now been confirmed that Vince Zampella has also parted ways. Sucks how they weren’t even able to go back to their offices and have a proper farewell with their co-workers.

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