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Short films via Lego animation is nothing new. Well, if you have never seen one before then I guess it be new to you. Anyway, what we have here is perhaps the greatest example of what one can do with Legos and stop motion animation. The good and talented folks from Fancy Pants Productions put together an incredible video of a Lego Men lightsabre fight. Based on Star Wars: The Forced Unleased video game this duel is not only superior to anything you’ve seen in the game but it even rivals the duels in the actual movies. For realsies, this is some serious bad-ass shit. The cinematography and choregoraphy as well as tightly-intergrated sound effects make for a smooth, well polished, professional looking video . We remind you this was done entirely with legos. As Darth Vader would say “Most Impressive”.

source: toplessrobot

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