Avatar Cake

Over the past weekend, at The Crockett Center, in Austin, TX, hundreds of people came together for the “2010 Cake Odyssey: That Takes The Cake” competition. It is a cake decorating/sculpting contest for both children and adults, beginners and experts. There were may different categories such as wedding tiered, butter cream only, sculpted, etc. The one category that caught my eye was a special showcake competition,  “2010 Cake Odyssey” (Sci-Fi and Fantasy Category). Here I discovered an Avatar, young Na’vi cake. I couldn’t find any information on it but I thought you guys would like to check it out regardless. And I also included some pics of other cakes that were showcased as well. Check ’em out and let me know what you think.




Sources Great White Snark and My Sweet Saucy

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