Call Of Duty…The Action Adventure Game?

155169-modern-warfare-2_ghostSeems like Activision did some talking recently due to the whole Infinity Ward hapenings and we got a surprise out of it. Although they claimed that Infinity Ward, with out its two top heads, will finish up the two promised DLC packs this year, it doesn’t seem we’ll be getting Modern Warfare 3 next year. We will be getting what many are assuming World at War 2 or what ever Treyarch (CoD 3, CoD: World at War) released this year, next year though, a new company will give Call of Duty a shot. That company is Sledgehammer Games, which is a company that was formed by two people who left Visceral Games (Dead Space) and Activision announced that it would be an Action Adventure game, not a First-Person shooter.

Yeah, my initial thought is why, but it might be interesting to see how it will work seeing how the CoD series HAS ALWAYS been a FPS series. Either way, Activision wants money and they seriously have become the new EA within the last couple years and the boss man, Bobby Kotick has quickly becoming a person that people love to hate ever since his comments of wanting games to be priced more than $60. You guys think this is good thing for the CoD series or will this new action adventure game will fail like how Halo: Wars kinda was a failure with the Halo fans. Let’s just hope Kotick doesn’t get the idea to mix CoD and Guitar Hero together because I don’t want to think what evil would be produced by that idea.

Source: Destructoid, Kotaku

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