Who Came Out First?


So when you first watched Zombieland, did you say ” wow that guy from from ” Juno” was a bad-ass”? Well guess what? It’s not Michael Cera, It’s Jesse Eisenburg. Very identical to each other, BUT the huge question is, who came first, and what are some differences? Read more after the break.

First off, you can notice the color differential in the eyes and hair. Eisenburg, however has very curly hair, that’s about the only physical difference between the two. If you were to listen to both with your eyes closed, you more than likely could not tell who was who. So lets try and figure out who stepped on the scene first.


Michael Cera first came out in 1999 on the somewhat short lived child TV show ” Noddy” in one episode doing the voice of Butch. His first TV appearance was on the Canadian show ” What Katy Did” airing in the UK . He even did a small TV show with the Olsen twins called ” Switching Goals.” His biggest role on TV being ” George Michael-Booth in the very famous ” Arrested Development” His first major role came late in 2007 with the smash hit Juno, followed by Superbad 1 month later. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist came out early 2008, which is very popular as well.  So he played small roles though the 2000’s, but was not the actor he is today, untill late 2007.


Jesse Eisenburg, as well came out in 1999 on the TV program ” Get Real” playing the small role of Kenny Green. Later making his Feature Film appearance in 2002 with the film ” Roger Dodger” First getting noticed in 2005 with the film ” The Squid And The Whale” and first getting the fan-base he has today with Zombieland in mid 2009.

So they both came out about the same time. Cera made a bigger impact with his fans in 2007, but Eisenburg made a bigger impact with academy in 2005. Whoever is your favorite don’t hate the other person because they are copying the other. Just learn to love the fact that they are both well rounded actors that make us laugh, and both came about at the same time.

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