Video Games Wedding Invites


People get very innovative around their wedding time. Instance 1: My buddy Chris dresssed as Han Solo marying Princess Leia on their wedding even though the priest was Vader..He must have survived the dark side and came back as a Jedi for for the ceremony. Instance 2: Before that Wedding, I walked down the isle before my wife to the ceremonial march a the end of Episode 4 A New Hope… I had the whole resort watching and was told by many a drunken male later that night, that they always wanted for their wedding but the WIFE wouldn’t allow it. Lucky me and my bud, have cool wives..More afer the jump

But this cool? Not by a long shot.  All the invites were sent in the form of 8 bit video Games, very reminiscent of Super Mario, what with the bricks and all. As a matter of fact, it is a complete replica of Mario 1 until the very end…The they get into donkey Kong Territory…Pretty Badass, considering its not just a one way street…It means that the wife had to be as cool to go along with this…Check them out (Via Gizmodo)

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