index-world-of-warcraft-logoSo no joke, my girlfriend doesn’t want me to play World of Warcraft because of all the horror stories she heard about it. She can put up with my love of video games, anime, manga, wrestling, and Power Rangers but don’t know what to do if I ever started to play WoW which makes me laugh a bit but then I have no interest in playing the game so it works out. The folks over at Fark TV made a new video and I have to say, it’s pretty funny. The video is about a few wives who were worried about their husbands being addicted to  video game, so they had their husbands hypnotized thinking their life with their wives as a video game, in which we get World of Wifecraft. I think it was nicely done and at the end, it does reference one of the greatest thing that ever came out of WoW. Check the video after the break and tell us what ya’ll think.

Source: Unreality Magazine

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