It’s Friday! What does that mean? It’s “Marvel/DC” time! Yeah, I know we’re a little late with it. Screw you.

The latest installment of It’sJustSomeRandomGuy’s (first apostrophe is mine, just because) madness focuses on Rorschach and Deadpool, who team up buddy-cop-movie style to “find this guy’s boss.” Rorschach is the straight man, while Deadpool is in the zany, “People are stupid! I can’t help that I shoot them!” role.

Per usual, It’sJustSomeRandomGuy (again, apostrophe is mine) nails it. Rorschach’s “herrrrm” makes me grin, but Deadpool’s antics and lines predictably steal the show.

But the best part? Naturally it’s the theme song. Don’t steal it, though, because it’s “copyright Deadpoooooool!” And don’t be ashamed if you find yourself doing jazz hands as the merc sings.

Watch the ep below, and then visit It’sJustSomeRandomGuy’s (“It’s” NEEDS an apostrophe, ok?!) YouTube channel for more hijinks.

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