Oh R2D2, You’re Scrumptious

r2d2-cakeI consider myself the leading nerd cake expert here on Nerdbastards, with only one previous cake post under my belt, because of my vast knowledge of the c… Who am I kidding? I’m no expert, but luckily it doesn’t take one to bring you fellow nerds a slice of pun.. That didn’t even make sense. But either way, thanks to Goblinqueen, on Deviantart, we are now able to enjoy the “One Tasty Droid” cake. A Star Wars nerd’s fantasy cake outfitted with edible glitter and even a functioning light… Sad to say, I’m quite certain this isn’t the only fantasy a Star Wars nerd has involving edible glitter. But I’m not judging. Goblinqueen was even awesome enough to take it a step further and dye the inside a blue/green color to make is look like motherboards and circuitry. I know, I know. “Where is the Princess Leia boob cake”? I asked myself the exact same thing. That idea gives mays to a multitude of candle placing arrangements, all naughty. I suppose we’ll just have to wait. Or, pester her mercilessly until she concedes after breaking down from emotional stress and the shock of her financial situation after trying to pay for all the legal counseling she needed to try and file for restraining orders for internet nerds. Ahhh, but this is only fantasy, we’ll have to wait. But in the mean time we can most definitely enjoy this R2D2 cake. Although I didn’t find any other cakes in her seemingly endless pages of deviations, I did see some very talented, badass artwork. Be sure to give her a gander and Enjoy!

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