Corey Haim Found Dead

Former child actor Corey Haim reportedly died Wednesday morning of an apparent overdose, several media outlets have confirmed. The 38-year-old who was a teen heartthrob during the late 80’s and early 90’s and known as Half of the Two Coreys. His good looks and patented laugh rose with his star when the 2 met on the set of one of the greatest Vamp movies ever “The Lost Boys”

It was a strange course of events the last 2 days for me. I was at the mall Sunday in a store and “Get outa my Dreams, Get into my car” and in the perfume section of Neiman Marcus I said to my friends, hey this is from “License to Drive!” a second later one of the women said ” Your right, it was in the movie!”

We laughed. Then this morning I put my laptop on my lap turned the TV on, Silver Bullet is on at the very end and I look down at my text from my phone. They found Corey Haim Dead.

If you watched the 2nd season of The Two Coreys you see how bad he is. There was a scene where he was in his trailer filming his (cut) cameo from Lost Boys 2:The Tribe, and they showed him, or rather played the audio of him blowin’ something (snorting). Corey Haim didn’t just have a child star career, it went into his late teens with friend Feldman who was usually in the same films. His money squandered on a LONG term drug career. On the show, Feldman and his wife try having interventions with him, but Haim was adamantly in denial.

Looks like it finally did him in. The autopsy report won’t be available for awhile, but its an apparent OD… Corey Haim, WE speak your name. Here is a list of his feats in cinema you and I lived through.  (Via AOL News)

Silver Bullet (1985)

Lucas   (1986)

The Lost Boys (1987)

License to Drive (1988)

Watchers (1988)

Dream a Little Dream (1989)

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