NickToon’s To Air Dragon Ball Z Kai & A New Voltron

FUNiDBKaiWell, I wasn’t expecting this. yet alone NickToon’s to pick this up. Just this morning, it was announced that Nickelodeon spinoff channel, NickToons (which airs nothing but old and some new cartoons such as the new Iron Man cartoon), will start airing the filler-less Dragon Ball Z Kai starting in May. As said, Dragon Ball Z Kai is a remastered, re-cut version of Dragon Ball Z but with none of the fillers or extra stuff that wasn’t in the manga. The airing should coincide when th DVD and Blu-Ray is released. Of all channels, NickToons ends up picking this us and not Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. I know Toonami has died years ago but I was kind of hoping for them to pick up the series that helped get them ratings in the past, then again, they don’t even have Naruto: Shippuden, Disney XD does. Oh wells, anime on TV has been a bit rare lately seeing how most people that watches anime will watch it online anyways, either way, I’m glad to see DBZ Kai airing some where.

While writing this, it was just updated that they will also air a new Voltron, titled Voltron Panthera Force. No info on the show yet we should expect to see something soon. Hmmn, so we get a less screaming version of Dragon Ball Z Kai and a new Voltron…either way, one of these shows may ruin someones childhood.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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