Hugo Weaving Is Captain America’s Enemy

agent_smithWe have seen Hugo Weaving cast in many movies that is part of the nerd culture. He was Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogy, he was Elrond from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and he even voiced Megatron in the two BayFormers, oops I mean Transformers movie and will probably go on to voice Megatron again in the third movie (anyone see a pattern).  Well fans, imagine Weaving having a red face and wearing a Nazi uniform because Marvel Studios announced that Hugo Weaving will be Red Skull for the upcoming movie. Red Skull, who was handpicked by Hitler, was the man behind all the chaos and destruction that the Nazi army brought and became Captain America’s foe immediately. Seems like what Joe Johnston (The Wolfman) said he would put recognizable stars along with a no name to play Captain may be going along well, they just need to find the person to play as Captain so that they can start making the film. So what do ya’ll think? Do you think Weaving will be a great Red Skull or was this a bad casting choice, and if so, who would you have picked as Red Skull?

Source: /Film

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