“Junk! That’s What You Are, Junk”

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We here at Nerdbastards are always up for an Optimus Prime story. And this one is a sure crowd pleaser. First let me introduce Robosteel, a company based in Ireland that specializes in making handmade, steel sculptures related to movie-memorabilia, collectibles, sci-fi and fantasy. All of their sculptures and hand welded and each one is unique since many different, recycled parts are used to make each one. The sculptures are made out of, and are not limited to, televisions, cars, motorbikes, airplanes, boats and dishwashers. They are all built to last since they are layered with lacquer, and this way can be left outside of the home if they don’t fit.  So now that you have some background info, let me introduce this little gem Robosteel put together, Optimus Prime.

Prime 4

Optimus proudly stands 2.5 meters (or 8.20 feet) high and he weighs 550 kg (1210 lbs). He is made out of more than 5 thousand recycled parts including televisions, boats, and dishwashers. And for $7500, he can be yours. After all, Robosteel ships worldwide. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these protecting their home?My only question is, are the girls included???

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