Amazing Celeb Anagrams

I remember when I was a young Bastard Nerd watching the Simpson’s when Lisa goes batshit crazy over another girl in her class being better than her at everything! And her and her father play the anagram game, where they take the names of celebrities and change them around and Lisa can’t keep up…Back when the Simpsons were good…Before the dark times…Before the Empire…How did my father die?…A young Jedi named Darth Vader-

Sorry!!!! I have digressed because I have adult ADHD…Here is a list of Celebs with hilarious and often clever anagrams of their names. Did you know that Kim Kardashian is A Kind Shark?…….We All Did!!!! Hit the jump for more!

Kim Kardashian
I Am a Kind Shark

Arnold Schwarzenegger
He’s Grown Large ‘n’ Crazed

John Mayer
Enjoy Harm

Sandra Bullock

Skull and Cobra

Woody Allen
A Lewd Loony

Justin Timberlake
I’m a Jerk, But Listen

James Cameron
Major Menaces

Bob Dylan
Bald, Bony

Katy Perry
Perky, Arty

Clint Eastwood
Old West Action

Robin Williams
I Warm Billions

Mel Gibson
Big Melons

Conan O’Brien
Inane Bronco

Howard Stern
Wonder Trash

Beyonce Knowles
Woken Obscenely

Rob Pattinson
Not Top Brains

Jennifer Aniston

Fine in Torn Jeans

Sylvester Stallone
Slovenly Steel Star

Paul McCartney
Pay Mr. Clean-Cut

Heidi Montag
Hot Imagined

Leonard Nimoy
I’m Only a Drone

George Clooney
Cool Energy, Ego

David Letterman
Nerd Amid Late TV

Britney Spears

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