Decal For (ahem) Hard-Core Apple Fans


Article by: Jeff Sparkman

Oh, the agony. While not quite as hard as choosing a user name for your favorite porn site (Vlad the Impaler is always taken), thinking of a way to personalize your MacBook can still puzzle even the greatest minds. Luckily for you, you’re reading this, because  this is the awesomest MacBook decal EVER.

And at only $13.99, just think: not only will your friend, roommate, or co-worker be amazed at how cool your addition to his MacBook looks when he busts it out at a meeting, but you can also tell him how inexpensive it was to get his ass fired.

you can order this rather disturbing yet awesome decal here

WARNING: VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK pic after the jump (gaping butthole)


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