Fandango Goes For Cell Phone Movie Tix!

Doth my ears deceive? So that you can get through the hundred’s of screaming tweens in line at the theater, Fandango is going to have a cool bar code movie stub on your cell phone screen so that they can scan it. And you don’t have to print it! The Hollywoodreporter:

The swipe as in electronically process a movie-admissions bar code on its tiny screen, of course.

Starting soon, the online movie tickets service will allow consumers in select markets to buy tickets online and send them to their cell phones via a text or picture message. The bar code on the cell phone will be scanned by theater ticket-takers, allowing moviegoers to avoid at-home ticket printing.

The service will be available via most mobile services, with a modest fee charged on some phone plans, officials said.

Now that is a cool technology I can get behind…Problem is I collect one thing. My movie tickets. I have every ticket stub since 1995 and this will seriously fuck my collection up. I can’t slide a new cell phone into a baseball card sleeve a few times a week. That just ain’t gonna work!

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