The Return Of Darkwing Duck, In Comic Form

darkwing-duck-comicOne reason why cartoons were awesome during the 90’s was this show here. Sure, it was a spin-off of DuckTales but personally, I think it was better as all I could think of was flapping…and by that I meant Darkwing flapping terror in night. Seems like DW wants to get dangerous again but this time in comic book form. Starting in June, Boom comics will be releasing 4 issues mini-series by the editor Ian Brill (28 Days Later) and illustrator James Silvani (Muppet Comics). It’s an interesting note that the now Disney own Marvel isn’t doing the comic but it doesn’t matter to me since I am a fan of Darkwing Duck and just knowing that I can get another dose of my favorite crime fighting duck, I’ll take it. What do you guys think? Were any of ya’ll fans of the franchise back in the early 90’s or is this just a wasted effort?

Source: Comics Alliance

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