500x_custom_1268704653469_robinabubbleDoes anyone remember R.O.B., your friendly Robotic Operating Buddy that plays games with you. Just like the oh so “awesome” Power Glove, this was the future! Well, not really, was a cool concept but for only two games to play it with, ended up not living up to standards. One “lucky” person will get to re-live history as they bought the deluxe edition of R.O.B., which includes the following: NES game console, two controllers, the Light Gun, the Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros. 2 in 1 cartridge, and Gyromite, which is one of the two games R.O.B. can play with you. This was all the winner of the auction got, for $4,150… yeah, I dunno if R.O.B. is worth that much, but hey, they at least got Duck Hunt out of it and a nice display. What do ya guys think? Is this ridiculous for somthing that won’t work well on an HDTV or was this a fair amount of price for what the winner paid for.

Source: Kotaku

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