SyFy Considers Another ‘Battlestar’ Spinoff


So we all know that ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ is SyFy channels strongest property. Heck, the initial series was simply the best thing the channel has ever done. A truly amazing show but as with all good things it came to an end (a really debatable end but we wont go there). SyFy obviously wanted to continue the popular franchise. So that’s how we wound up with Battlestar prequel ‘Caprica‘, a spin-off series set 50 years prior to the events of that show. It’s an intriguing show that explores the rich universe of Battlestar. However, the downer, final act of Battlestar renders the storyline of Caprica moot. What happened some 50 odd years before Battlestar began doesn’t really matter anymore. We know what the end result is going to be. Regardless, its flashes of brilliance makes it worth a watch. Anyway, what else in this universe would be rich enough to carry on a whole separate show? Well, that’s an idea SyFy is toying around with. According to THR there are early talks that the developmental team behind Battlestar aims to take the title back to it’s space opera roots with another spinoff show. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of details on this project being that they really are in the early talk stages. Regardless, the thought of yet another spin off is puzzling. For cripes sake, have these guys ever heard of the phrase “Stop While Your Ahead”. Seriously, the shows excellence in humanities strengths, weaknesses, potential, and flaws would be over saturated.  Personally, I’m a little intrigued but think there isn’t a story worth telling that could fill up a whole season or more with. I could see several mini, stand alone, movies, much like Battelstar: The Plan and Razor but not another spinoff.

Tell us what you think? Are you for another spinoff or do you think they should leave well enough alone?

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