Raise your hand if you loved “Thundercats” as a kid. Now raise your hand if you know who composed the show’s theme song. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a treasure chest of information, especially for those who slog through all of the “producer” and “as himself” credits. And what did the good folks at Warming Glow discover at IMDB recently? They found out that James Lipton composed the “Thundercats” song that every 80s kid can still hum today!

Did you hear me? James. Lipton. As in the guy who has that deep, slithery monotone. As in the guy who asks stars random questions on “Inside the Actors Studio.” As in the guy who was in that one Geico commercial. Unbelievable.

Below, check out a few of Lipton’s memorable moments.

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