Chatroulette Genius Causes Pianist Envy


By now you’ve probably heard about the online sausage party called Chatroulette, in which random strangers are connected via their webcams and have a chance to chat, or in most cases, show off their junk.

When my friend sent me this link and said it was an awesome Chatroulette video, I was hesitant to click on it. But I’m so glad I did. This one video redeems the whole concept of Chatroulette.

It features Merton, a freestyling piano player who apparently has been compared to Ben Folds so much that there’s a note on his YouTube page assuring people he’s not Ben Folds.

I’m not going to belabor the point describing it to you when you can just click below and enjoy it. If this doesn’t make you at least smile, then you have a problem.

This is exactly what Chatroulette needs: More rock, less cock.

(via Neatorama and just about everyone I work with)

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