Mega Cool Mega Man 10 Commercial & Review

mega-man-10-artworkSo, you know how Mega Man has the nick name Blue Bomber. So if one his power ups turn him brown, would he then be the Brown Bomber and thus be the $#!*… okay, I’ll stop. Capcom is once again cashing on Mega Man as the sequel to the first retro revival of Mega Man 9 (2008) has come out for the WiiWare and Playstation Network, and later this month X-Box Live Arcade, has come out this month. Mega Man 10, just like MM9, once again has gamers playing the classic 2D game play and the 8-bit graphics it was known for. 9 was a fun game but damn was that game. Check after the break for the awesome commercial Capcom released  for the game and also a review of Mega Man 10.

If that commercial wasn’t enough for you to buy the game then maybe this review will help out.

The story for the game goes like this, Roll comes home one day sick and we find out that she has Roboenza and other robots are sick as well. Some time later, some of the sick robots turns evil and starts attacking and because of this, this forces Dr. Wily and Dr. Light to team up to make a cure while Mega Man goes out to find the pieces to help make the cure. Knowing that this will be tough for Mega Man, Proto Man decides that he will help out as well.

This time, Capcom was nice enough to introduce Easy mode for gamers that complain about the difficulty of Mega Man 9 (Yes, I’ll admit, didn’t beat 9 myself but I got to stage 4 of Wily Castle and thought that was good enough). Seasoned Mega Man players will find Easy mode all too easy but it can still be a challenge for new comers if they don’t put any effort to it. You still need to time things right and use some strategy for some place. Enemy layouts on the stage is also different between difficulties.  Normal mode though, once again puts enough challenge for long time fans that once you beat a robot master, you’ll be yelling out that your the greatest Mega Man player in the world… or maybe I only do that.

Other than the difficulty, player have the choice to play as Proto Man again, but for free this time. Proto Man can use his shield to block small projectile, dash, and can charge his attack. But to balance it out, he takes twice the damage, falls back twice as far, and can only have two shots compare to Mega Man’s three. We do also know that MM10 will have a downloadable character in the form of Bass. As far his abilities goes, are not known other than he can summon his robot dog Treble.

There is a demo available and while it doesn’t let you play the whole Strike Man stage, you do have the chance to play it in easy and normal mode and see if  you get some sort of feel of the game. For $10, its not a bad game to have and with the news easy mode, more players may be able to beat and enjoy the game this time. For fans of the franchise, you’ll have reasons to enjoy this once again and just seeing some of the new robot masters and their powers will bring back some memories. Because of the price, the new easy mode, and Proto Man being free this time, I say this downloadable title is a BUY.

PSN: $9.99 (Already Available), WiiWare: 1000 Nintendo Points (Already Available), X-Box Live Arcade: 800 Microsoft Points (Available 3/31)

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